Charmmy Jewelry The Modern Fashion Brand “Circle of Charm” 

Outstanding by using 99.9% pure gold as a craft of high quality in production Has a unique style And individual cuteness Which can be mixed and mixed Each style is fun. There are up to 8 collections, including Cutie, Believe, Meaning, Travel, Festive, Culture, Zodiac, Story of, and there are also bracelets with a variety of designs. And there are many colors to choose from. 10 colors. Fill up the fun with Lucky Ball, decorative accessories to brighten up a cute bracelet. Can change hundreds and more in many styles and styles

There are also various models. Cute to wear And is a popular model It is also suitable for giving as a souvenir gift. For both children and adults People who love special people on occasions or festivals such as Meaningful Charm, Gold Charm, Lucky Pig Symbol Cute beckoning cat with auspicious meaning Charm Neko the beckoning cat Money beckoning gold beckoning bring fortune And love for the wearer, Charm, Pig Butata, Pork, Fortune, Money, Gold and good things Charm Pinky, Pig, Beck, Love, Fate, and Fulfillment

Zodiac Charm. The charm of gold is the 12 constellations. For wearers in work, finance, love, increase fortune and meet only good things Suitable for people born in various zodiac signs.

Very Thai Charm. Gold charm. Symbol of Thai identity. Exquisite artistic design including Charm, Ravana and Hanuman inspired by the characters in the literature of Ramayana, Sharmah Rahu, Sharma Nak, Sharm Thai Chang.

Cutie Charm.A cute charm that has been popular with a selection of charms, including bears, cats, mandarin ducks, hearts, flowers, bows, cute butterflies every time they wear. Enter the name as Charmy Charmy.

Believe Charm. 
Auspicious charms of faith, such as the Ganesh charm, the basilica, the invention and the help of the victims every time. There is a charm of the serpent promoting fortune and rich trade.

Products starting at 3,290 baht. Interested in browsing and buying cute products at “Charmy Shop”, Fashion Island Department Store, 2nd Floor, Terminal 21 Pattaya, G Floor and NGG Shop. jewelry.
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‘CIRCLE OF CHARM’, the wheel of charm The unique design of the CHARMMY brand.
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