1. The lucky year of the year! Have it on hand for protection, fortunes, and fortune Pi Sia, a pair of gold balls supporting the promotion of wealth Especially money! Certainly out of course, there are hundreds of stones, which adds even more bang. Price starting at only 3,290 baht

2. Charm Tuk Tuk, Iconic symbol in Thailand Beloved by foreigners who come to Thailand Bought it as a gift to foreign friends Is a charm that is authentic from Thailand Real work, very beautiful, very detailed, wearing a coquettish charm. I’m at Charmi, the only place because it’s copyrighted by Charmy. Starting price only 3,290 baht. 

3. Charm 12 The zodiac is added to increase the good fortune for those born in the zodiac year This goddess Muteu should not miss !!! Go to the end of the year of birth. But many people are a bit more weary like the year of the zodiac Fix the brewing year Starting price only 3,290 baht. 

4. Ganesha charm, when there is a zodiac year Smooth cables must be smooth. And the Ganesha collection at Charmy is extraordinary. Because every Ganesh here passed the holy eye from Wat Thep Montien. Come back very trendy With the god of success Anyone who possesses the worship will succeed, but it will be successful in all respects. Suitable for worship, trade, business contacts or performances. Starting price only 3,290 baht. More information >>

5.ชาร์ม แมวกวัก หมูกวักนำโชค (Lucky Perfect Match) ไอเท่มสุดป็อปที่ชาวเทรนดี้ เครซี่สุดๆ ไปเลยจ้า น้องหมูกวักแมวกวักสุดน่ารัก มาพร้อมความหมายมงคล กวักเงินกวักทอง นำโชคลาภ ความรักมาให้ผู้ที่ครอบครอง ทำไรก็หมูๆ ใส่แล้วรวยจะว่าอย่างนั้นก็ได้ บอกเลยว่าเทรนด์สุดๆจ้า
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